test.h File Reference

Helper functions for executable tests. More...

#include "inc/util/output.h"
#include "inc/util/terminator.h"
#include "inc/util/vectors.h"
#include "inc/util/envvars.h"
#include "inc/util/log.h"
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 The topmost namespace for this project.
 Helper functions for executables in test/.


#define SYTEN_TEST
 Introduces the Test namespace into the current scope and calls initArgs() with argc, argv. More...


void syten::Test::initArgs (int argc_, char **argv_)
 Initialise binary_name with content from argv[0], if possible. More...
template<typename... Args>
void syten::Test::log (Args &&... args)
 Write logging information to stderr. More...
template<typename... Args>
void syten::Test::logErr (Args &&... args)
 Write logging information to stderr, formatted as an error. More...


std::string syten::Test::binary_name = "unknown"
 Binary name of the current executable, used as prefix for logging output. More...

Detailed Description

Helper functions for executable tests.

We need log() to be inline for the templates and unit only for initArgs() doesn't make all that much sense.