#define SYTEN_TEST
using namespace syten::Test; \
initialise_terminator(argc, argv); initArgs(argc, argv); \
Helper functions for executables in test/.
Definition: test.cpp:9
void init_env_vars()
Initialises generic environment variables, called from SYTEN_BPO_INIT.
Definition: envvars.cpp:94
void initArgs(int argc_, char **argv_)
Initialise binary_name with content from argv[0], if possible.
Definition: test.cpp:10
void initLogsP2()
Initialises the file streams if timing_log_name and/or generic_log_name are set and the log levels ar...
Definition: log.cpp:33
void initLogsP1()
Sets stdcerr_is_tty.
Definition: log.cpp:29

Introduces the Test namespace into the current scope and calls initArgs() with argc, argv.