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file  abs_real_imag_conj.h
 Implementations of abs(), real(), conj() and imag().
file  array.h
 A nicer array.
file  backtrace.cpp
 Implementation for file inc/util/backtrace.h.
file  backtrace.h
 Backtracing implementation.
file  binary_tree.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/binary_tree.h.
file  binary_tree.h
 A binary tree.
file  bitset.h
 A bitset with overloaded operator, can be used to define flag-like enums.
file  blas-wrapper.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/blas-wrapper.h.
file  blas-wrapper.h
 A wrapper for BLAS functions used in the toolkit.
file  boost_serialise_flat_map.h
 Serialisation of a flat_map via Boost.
file  boost_serialise_tuple.h
 Serialisation of a tuple via Boost.
file  boost_versioning.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/boost_versioning.h.
file  boost_versioning.h
 Boost versioning.
file  bpo_helper.h
 Helper macros to handle repetitive use of boost::program_options.
file  cached_type.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/cached_type.h.
file  cached_type.h
 Cached Type.
file  cached_type_async.cpp
 Instantiations of variables used in cached_type_async.h
file  cached_type_async.h
 Asynchronous cached type.
file  closeness.h
 Functions to decide whether two values are close (to zero)
file  common_exceptions.h
 Some common exception classes to ease catching.
file  configuration.h
 Compile-time configuration.
file  constants.h
 Common numerical scalar constants in the currently-effective type.
file  converting_iterator.h
 Converting iterator implementation.
file  ctor_tester.cpp
 Implementation for ctor_tester.h
file  ctor_tester.h
 A test object to check that no unnecessary copy operations have taken place.
file  cublas_support.cpp
 Implementation for cublas_support.h
file  cublas_support.h
 Support functions for using CuBLAS.
file  cuda_dot_cukrn.h
 A custom, naive CUDA dot product for complex scalars.
file  cuda_dynarray.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/cuda_dynarray.h
file  cuda_dynarray.h
 A runtime fixed-size array type backed by CUDA storage if available.
file  cuda_span.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/cuda_span.h
file  cuda_span.h
 A non-owning object for a continuous region of memory.
file  cuda_support.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/cuda_support.h
file  cuda_support.h
 Support functions for CUDA-based GPUs.
file  demangle.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/demangle.h.
file  demangle.h
 Demangles a type name into a string.
file  dynarray.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/dynarray.h.
file  dynarray.h
 Simple wrapper around malloc/free.
file  envvars.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/info_reordering.h.
file  envvars.h
 Header for environment variables and associated static variables.
file  exit_codes.h
 Some common exit codes.
file  fcidump.cpp
 Implementation of the FCIDUMP loader.
file  fcidump.h
 Helper functions to read in FCIDUMP files.
file  fermionic.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/fermionic.h.
file  fermionic.h
 Fermionic statistics specification.
file  filename_extensions.h
 File names for common file types.
file  format.h
 Wrapper around fmt::format and friends to produce sensible error messages.
file  free_unused_memory.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/free_unused_memory.h.
file  free_unused_memory.h
 Frees unused memory, both allocated by the MKL and glibc.
file  genblas_include.h
 Include for generic BLAS implementations without special treatment.
file  generators.cpp
 Implementation of generators.h.
file  generators.h
 Helper functions to get SU(n) generators.
file  grid.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/grid.h
file  grid.h
 A two-dimensional storage class much like a matrix but with some additional niceties.
file  half_int.h
 Half-integer implementation.
file  high_precision.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/high_precision.h
file  high_precision.h
 High-precision scalar, uses Boost under the hood.
file  history.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/history.h.
file  history.h
 History/log implementation.
file  is_not_streamcontrol.h
 Templates to check whether a type is not a stream control type.
file  isnan.h
 Implementation for isnan() for various types.
file  l_malloc.cpp
 Implementation for file inc/util/l_malloc.h.
file  l_malloc.h
 Aligned memory allocation functions.
file  le_malloc.cpp
 Implementation for file inc/util/le_malloc.h.
file  le_malloc.h
 Aligned, pooled memory allocation function and allocator.
file  le_malloc_mtx.cpp
 Implementation of inc/util/le_malloc_mtx.h.
file  le_malloc_mtx.h
 The mutex soley responsible for le_malloc.h.
file  limvec.h
 A "limited" vector implementation.
file  log.cpp
 Implementation for file inc/util/log.h.
file  log.h
 Logging facilities.
file  lz4_filter.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/lz4_filter.h.
file  lz4_filter.h
 Implements a symmetric Boost IO filter for LZ4 compression.
file  macros.h
 Simple macros.
file  memory_sampler.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/memory_sampler.h.
file  memory_sampler.h
 A little memory sampling tool, measuring RSS and writing to an output file.
file  memory_size.cpp
 Implementation for file inc/util/memory_size.h.
file  memory_size.h
 Memory size informational functions.
file  mkl_include.h
 If we use the MKL, we need to define various bits beforehand.
file  mpi_include.h
 Input file for MPI.
file  omp_loop.h
 OMP macros.
file  openblas_include.h
 Include for OpenBLAS implementation.
file  output.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/output.h.
file  output.h
 Output formatting and helper functions.
file  pair.h
 A proxy object for std::pair to allow overloads of operator>> and operator<<.
file  persistent.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/persistent.h.
file  persistent.h
 Saving, loading, caching and uncaching of objects using the boost libraries.
file  random.cpp
 Implementation for file inc/util/random.h.
file  random.h
 Random number generator engine generator.
file  random_hash.cpp
 Implementation of random_hash.h.
file  random_hash.h
 Generates a random hash.
file  restrict.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/restrict.h
file  restrict.h
 restrict function to map an index into a range.
file  scalars.h
 Common scalar types and overloads, if necessary.
file  select_cutoffs.h
 Functions to select a cutoff iterator from an iterator range.
file  shift_args.h
 Functions to shift arguments into an ostream.
file  signals.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/signals.h.
file  signals.h
 Signal catching support.
file  span.h
 A non-owning object for a continuous region of memory.
file  stl_overloads.h
 Overloads of output operators with STL types.
file  string_replace.h
 Implements a string-replacement utility.
file  swap_gate.cpp
 Implementation for swap_gate.h.
file  swap_gate.h
 Swap gates for T3N-systems.
file  tensor_timer.h
 Timer storage for tensor products and decompositions.
file  tensor_timer_bare.cpp
 Implementation for inc/tensor/tensor_timer.h
file  tensor_timer_bare.h
 Timer storage for tensor products and decompositions.
file  terminator.cpp
 Implementation for file inc/util/terminator.h.
file  terminator.h
 std::terminate replacement
file  test.cpp
 Implementation for test.h.
file  test.h
 Helper functions for executable tests.
file  threads.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/threads.h.
file  threads.h
 Threading configuration helpers.
file  thresholds.h
 Numerical Thresholds.
file  time_output.h
 Provides timing output.
file  timer.cpp
 Implementation for timer.h.
file  timer.h
 Contains a simple timing class.
file  toggle_enums.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/toggle_enums.h
file  toggle_enums.h
 Toggle-like enums and similar objects used throughout the library.
file  types.h
 A set of utility types to deal with type resolution and basic definitions.
file  vec.h
 A nicer vector.
file  vectors.cpp
 Implementation for inc/util/vectors.h.
file  vectors.h
 Vector and array helpers.
file  version.cpp
 Implementation for file inc/util/version.h
file  version.h
 Function to print versioning information to std::cerr.
file  warning_msgs.cpp
 Implementation for file inc/util/warning_msgs.h.
file  warning_msgs.h