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file  dense.h
 DenseTensor support.
file  dense_convenience.cpp
 Implementation for inc/dense/dense_convenience.h.
file  dense_convenience.h
 Convenience functions for dense tensors, to be included by dense.h.
file  dense_decomposition_depara.h
 Deparallelisations of dense tensors.
file  dense_decomposition_dlin.h
 Delinearisation of dense tensors.
file  dense_eigensolver.cpp
 Implementation for inc/dense/dense_eigensolver.h.
file  dense_eigensolver.h
 Eigensolver for a single dense tensor.
file  dense_invert.h
 Inversion functions for dense tensors.
file  dense_iter.h
 Iterator over a DenseTensor.
file  dense_kron_exp.h
 Kronecker products and other expansions of DenseTensor.
file  dense_make.h
 Dense tensor generators.
file  dense_operators.cpp
 Implementation for inc/dense/dense_operators.h
file  dense_operators.h
 Operators acting on DenseTensor.
file  dense_prod.h
 Implementation of products/contractions of dense tensors.
file  dense_prod_base.cpp
 Implementation for file inc/dense/dense_prod_base.h.
file  dense_prod_base.h
 BLAS-wrapping functions implementing dense products.
file  dense_prod_helper.h
 Helper functions for the dense products.
file  dense_prod_special.h
 Special cases of dense tensor-tensor contractions, e.g.
file  dense_qr.cpp
 Implementation for inc/dense/dense_qr.h.
file  dense_qr.h
 QR decomposition of a single dense tensor.
file  dense_rank.cpp
 Implementation for file "inc/dense/dense_rank.h".
file  dense_rank.h
 Calculates the numerical rank of a dense complex matrix.
file  dense_solve.cpp
 Implementation for inc/dense/dense_solve.h.
file  dense_solve.h
 Solves the dense system A·X = B using a QR decomposition with column pivoting (no row sorting!).
file  dense_stability.h
 Functions to improve the stability of numerical algorithms working on dense tensors.
file  dense_svd.cpp
 Implementation for inc/dense/dense_svd.h.
file  dense_svd.h
 SVD of a single dense tensor.
file  dense_transpose.h
 Transposing a DenseTensor.