dense_insert.h File Reference

Copies subtensor out of tensor. More...

#include <complex>
#include "inc/util/types.h"
#include "inc/dense/dense.h"
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struct  syten::InsertBase< Type >
 Helper class. More...
struct  syten::InsertColumns< Type >
 Helper class, basically empty, useful if one wants to also implement InsertRows. More...
struct  syten::InsertColumns< double >
 Specialisation. More...
struct  syten::InsertColumns< float >
 Specialisation. More...
struct  syten::InsertColumns< std::complex< double > >
 Specialisation. More...
struct  syten::InsertColumns< std::complex< float > >
 Specialisation. More...


 Syten namespace.

Detailed Description

Copies subtensor out of tensor.

Specialised to datatypes.