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addScaled implementation for GenericDenseTensor. More...

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 Syten namespace.
 Implementation for the generic dense tensor.


template<Rank rank, typename Scalar , template< Rank ra, typename Scalara > typename A, template< Rank rb, typename Scalarb > typename B>
void syten::GenericDenseTensorImpl::addScaled (A< rank, Scalar > &, B< rank, Scalar > const &, typename IdentityType< Scalar >::type const, EliminateZeros const)
 Dummy implementation to be used if no better implementations are available. More...
template<Rank rank, typename Scalar >
void syten::GenericDenseTensorImpl::addScaled (GenericDenseTensor< rank, Scalar > &a, GenericDenseTensor< rank, Scalar > const &b, typename IdentityType< Scalar >::type const factor, EliminateZeros const ezeros)
 \( a_i = a_i + f b_i \) for generic dense tensors. More...

Detailed Description

addScaled implementation for GenericDenseTensor.