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file  rep.cpp
 Implementation for inc/rep/rep.h.
file  rep.h
 Implementation of representations of groups.
file  rep_decomp_register.cpp
 Implementation for inc/rep/rep_decomp_register.h.
file  rep_decomp_register.h
 Group representation decompositions.
file  rep_fundamental.cpp
 Implementation for inc/rep/rep_fundamental.h.
file  rep_fundamental.h
 Definitions of fundamental irreps and generation functions.
file  rep_fwd.h
 Forward definitions needed for representation framework.
file  rep_register.cpp
 Implementation for inc/rep/rep_register.h.
file  rep_register.h
 Group representation register, storing the matrix reps of groups.
file  rep_sector.cpp
 Implementation for inc/rep/rep_sector.h.
file  rep_sector.h
 Sector implementation.