rep_sector.h File Reference

Sector implementation. More...

#include "inc/util/limvec.h"
#include "inc/rep/rep.h"
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struct  std::hash< syten::Sector >
 Specialisation for Sector. More...


 STL namespace.
 The topmost namespace for this project.


typedef LimVec< Rep, SYTEN_MAX_SYM, unsigned char > syten::Sector
 Specification of a full sector, i.e. one irrep per symmetry used on e.g. a tensor leg. More...


SRDef syten::dist (Sector const &s1, Sector const &s2)
 Returns the distance between two sectors, i.e. the sum of the distances between constituent irreps. More...
bool syten::isFermionic (Sector const &a)
 Returns true if the sector is odd/fermionic. More...
bool syten::isVacuum (Sector const &s)
 Returns true iff all reps in the sector return true for rep.isVacuum(). More...
Sector syten::make_vacuum (Sector const &like)
 Returns a vacuum sector of symmetries identical to like. More...
bool syten::minus_on_swap (Sector const &a, Sector const &b)
 Returns true if swapping the two sectors induces a minus sign. More...
Sector syten::parseSector (Sector const &systemReps, std::string desc)
 Parse a string defining a Sector into a Sector. More...
template<typename Type >
std::vector< Sector > syten::transV2S (Type &&v)
 Transforms an iterable of types implicitly convertible into Sector into a vector of sectors. More...

Detailed Description

Sector implementation.