util.h File Reference

Utility helpers for PEPS. More...

#include "inc/util/scalars.h"
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 Syten namespace.
 IPEPS-related functionality and tools.


using syten::IPEPS::Coord = std::array< int, 2 >
 Coordinate type used for square IPEPS lattices. More...


Index syten::IPEPS::c2i (Coord coord, int const width, int const depth)
 Given a coordinate, a unit cell width, and a unit cell depth, calculates the linear offset of the (potentially re-mapped) site in the unit cell. More...
Index syten::IPEPS::dist (Coord const &a, Coord const &b)
 Returns the Manhattan distance between sites a and b. More...
bool syten::IPEPS::is_internal (Coord const &left, Coord const &right, int const width, int const depth)
 Returns true if an operator acting on sites [left,right] on a unit cell of size [width,depth] is internal to that unit cell. More...
bool syten::IPEPS::isLeft (Coord const &f, Coord const &s)
 Returns true if site f is to the left of site s. More...

Detailed Description

Utility helpers for PEPS.