tensor.h File Reference

Tensor structures. More...

#include <algorithm>
#include "inc/util/threads.h"
#include "inc/util/closeness.h"
#include "inc/util/boost_versioning.h"
#include "inc/tensor/tensorblock.h"
#include "inc/tensor/basis.h"
#include "inc/tensor/basis_map.h"
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class  syten::Tensor< rank >
 A single tensor, composed of a set of symmetry-protected blocks. More...
struct  syten::Tensor< 0 >
 Dummy specialisation for zero-rank tensors. More...
struct  syten::Tensor< 0 >::Undefined
 Exception to be thrown if this class is used improperly in place of a normal-rank tensor. More...


 Syten namespace.


#define SYTEN_TENSOR_RANK(x)   BaseType<decltype(x)>::this_rank
 Returns the internal rank of a tensor object as a constexpr variable. More...

Detailed Description

Tensor structures.

The Tensor class is defined here and the various extra modules (SVD, products etc.) are included at the end.