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file  basis.cpp
 Implementation for inc/tensor/basis.h.
file  basis.h
 Implementation of tensor leg bases, split into symmetry-protected blocks.
file  basis_map.cpp
 Implementation for file inc/util/basis_map.h.
file  basis_map.h
 A data type similar to Basis which is suitable to quickly check existence of sectors.
file  tensor.h
 Tensor structures.
file  tensor_add_reduce.h
 Reduction of a tensor including tensor block helpers.
file  tensor_buckets.h
 Sorting tensorblocks into buckets according to specific criteria.
file  tensor_decomposition.cpp
 Implementation for file inc/tensor/tensor_decomposition.h.
file  tensor_decomposition.h
 Decomposition of Tensor objects.
file  tensor_decomposition_eigen.cpp
 Implementation for inc/tensor/tensor_decomposition_eigen.h
file  tensor_decomposition_eigen.h
 Eigendecomposition for rank-2 Tensor objects.
file  tensor_delinearise.h
 Gram-Schmidt decomposition/orthogonalisation of Tensor objects.
file  tensor_deparallelise.h
 Simple deparallelisation of Tensor objects.
file  tensor_exponential.cpp
 Implementation for inc/tensor/tensor_exponential.h.
file  tensor_exponential.h
 Exponentials of tensors.
file  tensor_fixup_cgc.h
 Correction method for CGC tensors.
file  tensor_flips.h
 insertIO*() functions which flip a tensor leg.
file  tensor_gen.cpp
 Implementation for inc/tensor/tensor_gen.h.
file  tensor_gen.h
 Generation of symmetry-protected Tensor objects.
file  tensor_misc.cpp
 Implementation for inc/tensor/tensor_misc.h.
file  tensor_misc.h
 Various functions acting on Tensor.
file  tensor_norm.h
 Calculates tensor norms.
file  tensor_operators.h
 Operators acting on Tensor.
file  tensor_prod.h
 Tensor-Tensor products.
file  tensor_pseudoinvert.cpp
 Implementation for inc/tensor/tensor_pseudoinvert.h
file  tensor_pseudoinvert.h
 Pseudo-inverts a rank-2 tensor using SVD.
file  tensor_qr.h
 QR Decomposition of Tensor objects.
file  tensor_storage_info.cpp
 Implementation for inc/tensor/tensor_storage_info.h
file  tensor_storage_info.h
 Storage informational functions for Tensor objects.
file  tensor_svd.h
 SVD of Tensor objects.
file  tensor_swaps.h
 insertSwap() function which inserts a swap gate on two tensor legs.
file  tensor_to_dense.cpp
 Implementation of tensor_to_dense.h.
file  tensor_to_dense.h
 Transforms a Tensor<2> into a DenseTensor<2>
file  tensorblock.h
 TensorBlock and related functions.
file  tensorblock_handle_fermions.h
 Helpers to deal with fermions within TensorBlock structures.
file  tensorblock_operators.cpp
 Implementation for inc/tensor/tensorblock.cpp.
file  tensorblock_operators.h
 Operators for TensorBlock.
file  truncation.cpp
 Implementation for inc/tensor/truncation.h.
file  truncation.h
 Truncation specification.