su2u1.h File Reference

MPS Lattices with \( \textrm{SU(2)} \times \textrm{U(1)} \) symmetries. More...

#include "inc/mps/lattice.h"
#include "lat/mps/fermion.h"
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 The topmost namespace for this project.
 The namespace containing all MPS-related tools, classes and objects.
 Contains all lattice generators.
 Contains all generators of lattices with \( \textrm{SU(2)} \times \textrm{U(1)} \) symmetries.


Lattice syten::MPS::Lat::SU2U1::genFermiHubbardSpinCharge (Index const length)
 Generates a chain of Fermi-Hubbard sites. More...
Lattice syten::MPS::Lat::SU2U1::genKondoModel (std::vector< Index > const &types)
 Generates a Kondo Lattice Model. More...

Detailed Description

MPS Lattices with \( \textrm{SU(2)} \times \textrm{U(1)} \) symmetries.