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file  apply_itrunc_fit.cpp
 Implementation for inc/mps/apply_itrunc_fit.h
file  apply_itrunc_fit.h
 Apply a MPO to a MPS by an initial zip-up round and a subsequent variational optimisation.
file  dmrg_parallel.cpp
 Implementation for inc/mps/dmrg_parallel.h.
file  dmrg_parallel.h
 Parallel DMRG implementation.
file  dmrg_worker.cpp
 Implementation for inc/mps/dmrg_worker.h.
file  dmrg_worker.h
 DMRG worker implementation
file  lattice.cpp
 Implementation for lattice.h.
file  lattice.h
 A lattice is essentially a map operator-spec -> MPO with some extra niceties.
file  lbo_dmrg_parallel.cpp
 Implementation for inc/mps/lbo_dmrg_parallel.h.
file  lbo_dmrg_parallel.h
 Parallel LBO-DMRG implementation.
file  lbo_dmrg_worker.cpp
 Implementation for inc/mps/lbo_dmrg_worker.h.
file  lbo_dmrg_worker.h
 DMRG worker implementation
file  lbo_state.cpp
 Implementation for inc/mps/lbo_state.h.
file  lbo_state.h
 A MPS class including a LBO.
file  lbo_tdvp.cpp
 Implementation for inc/mps/lbo_tdvp.h
file  lbo_tdvp.h
 LBO-TDVP implementation.
file  multigrid.cpp
 Implementation for inc/mps/multigrid.h
file  multigrid.h
 Coarse- and fine-graining of lattices and states.
file  operator.cpp
 Implementation for inc/mps/operator.h.
file  operator.h
 Implementation of a matrix product operator.
file  operator_applicators.cpp
 Implementation for 'inc/mps/operator_applicators.h'.
file  operator_applicators.h
 OperatorApplicator classes for TDVP and DMRG.
file  orthogonalise_mps.h
 Variational orthogonalisation for MPS.
file  parse_operator.cpp
 Implementation for inc/mps/parse_operator.h.
file  parse_operator.h
 Operator parser for MPS lattices/MPO.
file  random_state.cpp
 Implementation for inc/mps/random_state.h.
file  random_state.h
 Generators for random states.
file  state.cpp
 Implementation for inc/mps/state.h.
file  state.h
 State class and closely related functions.
file  switching.cpp
 Implementation for inc/mps/switching.h.
file  switching.h
 Functions generating MPOs and MPO components used to switch around the ordering of two sites.
file  tdvp.cpp
 Implementation for inc/mps/tdvp.h.
file  tdvp.h
 TDVP implementation.
file  varapplyortho_mps.h
 Variationally apply an operator to a MPS and orthogonalise against a set of other MPS at the same time.
file  variance_2site.cpp
 Implements variance_2site.h.
file  variance_2site.h
 Functions to calculate the two-site variance approximation, cf.