◆ insertIOSplitHalf()

template<Rank rank>
Tensor<rank> syten::insertIOSplitHalf ( Tensor< rank > const &  in,
Index const  which 

Flips the which-th leg of the tensor in, producing a new output tensor.

If leg x is summed over in the tensor product A·B, that product is the same as insertIOSplitHalf(A,x)·insertIOSplitHalf(B,x).

Note that insertIOSplitHalf(insertIOSplitHalf(A,x),x) is not necessarily A.

References genIINode(), genOONode(), syten::Tensor< rank >::getBasis(), Inc, and rank().

Referenced by syten::IPEPS::barTensor(), syten::IPEPS::State::buildRMVDL(), syten::MPS::DMRG::Worker::expand_to_right(), syten::STensorImpl::flip_in_product(), syten::IPEPS::horz2_norm(), syten::IPEPS::FullCTM::init(), syten::Pyten::init_tensor(), syten::IPEPS::vert2_norm(), and syten::IPEPS::vert2r_norm().

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