◆ vert2_norm()

Tensor< 4 > syten::IPEPS::vert2_norm ( Vert2CTM const &  env,
State const &  psi,
Tensor< 4 > &  fq,
Tensor< 3 > &  a,
Tensor< 4 > &  bq,
Tensor< 3 > &  b,
bool  gauge_fix,
bool  use_svd 

Calculates a rank-4 norm tensor from a vertical two-site environment and the supplied left- and right QR'ed auxiliary tensors.

The tensor can be completed using a and b and their complex conjugates to form the squared norm of the state. The vertical environment may not straddle the remover tensor.

References syten::Basis::a(), syten::IPEPS::Vert2CTM::bsite, syten::IPEPS::Vert2CTM::cb, syten::IPEPS::Vert2CTM::cbb, syten::correct_cgc_tensors(), syten::IPEPS::Vert2CTM::ct, syten::IPEPS::Vert2CTM::ctb, gauge_fix(), syten::gM(), syten::insertIOSplitHalf(), syten::insertSwap(), syten::IPEPS::Vert2CTM::lb, syten::IPEPS::Vert2CTM::lbb, syten::IPEPS::Vert2CTM::lt, syten::IPEPS::Vert2CTM::ltb, std::move(), syten::norm(), syten::normalised(), syten::IPEPS::Vert2CTM::rb, syten::IPEPS::Vert2CTM::rbb, syten::restrict(), syten::IPEPS::Vert2CTM::rt, syten::IPEPS::Vert2CTM::rtb, sldlmap(), SYTEN_ASSERT_MSG, and syten::IPEPS::Vert2CTM::tsite.

Referenced by syten::IPEPS::FullUpdate::vertical().

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