◆ sldlmap()

Tensor< 2 > syten::IPEPS::sldlmap ( Basis const &  a,
Basis const &  b 

Given two bases a and b which are compatible and correspond to a single-layer leg, this tensor constructs a map between the two fused double-layer bases constructed from the single-layer bases.

References syten::Basis::a(), syten::gM(), syten::intersection(), syten::Basis::size(), and SYTEN_ASSERT_MSG.

Referenced by syten::IPEPS::Horz2CTM::expectation_value(), syten::IPEPS::Vert2CTM::expectation_value(), grow_bottom_rung(), grow_left_rung(), grow_right_rung(), grow_top_rung(), horz2_norm(), syten::IPEPS::Horz2CTM::normSqd(), syten::IPEPS::Vert2CTM::normSqd(), syten::IPEPS::Vert2CTM::setup(), syten::IPEPS::Horz2CTM::setup(), and vert2_norm().

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