◆ progress()

void syten::progress ( std::uint64_t  i,
bool  quiet,
std::string  s = "",
bool  use_error = true 

Outputs a single character to std::cerr unless quiet.

icurrent progress index, affecting the character to print.
quietif true, don't print anything at all.
sif nonempty, write s instead of the default character appropriate for i
use_errorif true, write to std::cerr, else std::cout

References std::string::empty(), and std::flush().

Referenced by create_dg_kinetic_term(), create_interaction_term(), create_ring_repulsion(), create_rs_occ_operators(), create_rs_spin_operators(), create_sq_inter_ring_kinetic_term(), create_sq_intra_ring_kinetic_term(), syten::BTT::RandomState::generateCompleteState_rec(), syten::BTT::RandomState::generateNearVacuumState_rec(), syten::MPS::RandomState::generateSampledState(), and projector().

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