kspace-helpers.cpp File Reference

Implementation for lat/mps/kspace-helpers.h. More...

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 The topmost namespace for this project.
 Functions which, when given a momentum on the ring k, give the coordinate y at which we want to place this momentum.


MomentumFunction syten::k_to_y::decideFunction (std::string const &fun)
 Returns a pointer to the specified function, update SYTEN_KTOY_MAPS if this changes. More...
Index syten::k_to_y::linear (Index maxp, int k)
 The trivial mapping. More...
Index syten::k_to_y::map_to_interval (Index maxp, int k)
 Maps the momentum k into the interval \( [0, maxp) \). More...
Index syten::k_to_y::ordered (std::vector< Index > idx, Index maxp, int k)
 momenta ordered according to vector idx loaded from file More...
std::vector< Index > syten::k_to_y::ordering (Index maxp, std::function< Index(int)> kfun)
 Returns a vector v[i], meaning that the i-th column has momentum v[i]. More...
Index syten::k_to_y::sep_pi (Index maxp, int k)
 momenta separated by π (or maxp/2) are next to each other More...

Detailed Description

Implementation for lat/mps/kspace-helpers.h.