◆ horizontal()

SRDef syten::IPEPS::FullUpdate::horizontal ( State psi,
ATwoOp const &  op,
StageConf const &  conf,
Timer t 

Applies the horizontal two-site operator op onto the state psi using the full environment contained in psi.

References syten::IPEPS::FullUpdate::apply_op(), syten::correct_cgc_tensors(), syten::IPEPS::FullUpdate::horizontal(), syten::IPEPS::horz2_norm(), syten::IPEPS::inv_qr_to_left(), syten::IPEPS::inv_qr_to_right(), syten::logGD(), syten::norm(), syten::IPEPS::qr_to_left(), and syten::IPEPS::qr_to_right().

Referenced by syten::IPEPS::FullUpdate::fast_update(), syten::IPEPS::FullUpdate::horizontal(), and syten::IPEPS::FullUpdate::update().

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