stensor Directory Reference
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file  ad_computenode.cpp
 Implementation for file inc/stensor/ad_computenode.h
file  ad_computenode.h
 Automatic differentation of STensor objects infrastructure.
file  ad_fwd.h
 Forward declarations for automatic differentiation infrastructure.
file  sbasis.cpp
 Implementation for inc/stensor/sbasis.h
file  sbasis.h
 SBasis class for smart, labelled bases.
file  stensor.h
 Catch-all include for smart tensors.
file  stensor_apply_parities.cpp
 Implementation for inc/stensor/stensor_apply_parities.h
file  stensor_apply_parities.h
 Apply parity operators on tensor legs.
file  stensor_base.cpp
 Implementation for inc/stensor/stensor_base.h
file  stensor_base.h
 ‘Smart’ tensor class.
file  stensor_decomps.cpp
 Implementation for inc/stensor/stensor_decomps.h
file  stensor_decomps.h
 STensor decompositions.
file  stensor_dummylegs.cpp
 Implementation for inc/stensor/stensor_insert_dummy.h
file  stensor_dummylegs.h
 Insertion of a dummy leg for STensors.
file  stensor_expansion.cpp
 Implementation for inc/stensor/stensor_expansion.h
file  stensor_expansion.h
 Tensor expansion.
file  stensor_fixup_cgc.h
 Correction method for CGC tensors.
file  stensor_flip.cpp
 Implementation for inc/stensor/stensor_flip.h
file  stensor_flip.h
 Flipping of leg directions of an STensor.
file  stensor_fusesplit.cpp
 Implementation for file inc/stensor/stensor_fusesplit.h
file  stensor_fusesplit.h
 Fusing and splitting of STensor bases.
file  stensor_gen.cpp
 Implementation for file inc/stensor/stensor_gen.h
file  stensor_gen.h
 STensor generation.
file  stensor_matrixop.cpp
 Implementation for inc/stensor/stensor_matrixop.h
file  stensor_matrixop.h
 Matrix operations for smart tensors.
file  stensor_normalised.cpp
 Implementation for inc/stensor/stensor_normalised.h
file  stensor_normalised.h
 Helper to normalise a STensor.
file  stensor_ops.cpp
 Implementation for inc/stensor/stensor_ops.h
file  stensor_ops.h
 Operators for smart tensors.
file  stensor_prod.cpp
 Implementation for inc/stensor/stensor_prod.h
file  stensor_prod.h
 Products of smart tensors.
file  stensor_project.cpp
 Implementation for inc/stensor/stensor_project.h
file  stensor_project.h
 Projection of a STensor onto a bais.
file  stensor_randomise.cpp
 Implementation for inc/stensor/stensor_randomise.h
file  stensor_randomise.h
 Randomisation functions for STensor.
file  stensor_real_imag.cpp
 Implementation for file inc/stensor/stensor_real_imag.h
file  stensor_real_imag.h
 Function to take real or imaginary part of an STensor.
file  stensor_registry.cpp
 Implementation for inc/stensor/stensor_registry.h
file  stensor_registry.h
 Registry for STensor objects, allows listing all currently-existing tensor objects at runtime.
file  stensor_to_dense.cpp
 Implementation of stensor_to_dense.h.
file  stensor_to_dense.h
 Transforms a STensor of rank 2 into a DenseTensor<2>
file  stensor_transpose.cpp
 Implementation for inc/stensor/stensor_transpose.h
file  stensor_transpose.h
 Transpositions of smart tensors.
file  stensorproxy.cpp
 Implementation for inc/stensor/stensorproxy.h
file  stensorproxy.h
 Proxy for the ‘smart’ tensor class.