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file  syten-add.cpp
 Binary to add two states.
file  syten-apply-op.cpp
 Binary to apply an operator to a state.
file  syten-check-herm.cpp
 Binary to check whether a MPS operator is hermitian.
file  syten-conj.cpp
 Binary to complex-conjugate a state.
file  syten-dmrg.cpp
 Binary to run DMRG.
file  syten-error.cpp
 Calculates an approximate variance.
file  syten-example-smart-tensor-heisenberg.cpp
 Proof of concept for STensor's.
file  syten-expectation.cpp
 Binary to calculate the expectation value of an operator and state.
file  syten-get-mps-coefficients.cpp
 Binary to print information on state cofficients.
file  syten-info.cpp
 Binary to print information on states, operators or lattices.
file  syten-krylov.cpp
 Binary to run krylov time propagation.
file  syten-localexpectation.cpp
 Binary to calculate the expectation value of an operator at every position.
file  syten-mg.cpp
 Coarse-Graining of MPS::Operators.
 Construct a MPS from a text file describing the available state sectors; in particular useful to build product states.
file  syten-mps2lbo.cpp
 Reads in a MP state and writes out a LBO state.
file  syten-mutualInformation.cpp
 Binary to calculate the mutual Information of a state or the entropy of a subsystem consiting of one or two sites.
file  syten-norm.cpp
 Binary to calculate the norm of a state or operator.
file  syten-normalise.cpp
 Binary to normalise a state to an absolute factor.
file  syten-orthogonalise.cpp
 Binary to add two states.
file  syten-overlap.cpp
 Binary to calculate the overlap between two states or two MPOs.
file  syten-print.cpp
 Binary to output an operator or state.
file  syten-random.cpp
 Binary to create a random state.
file  syten-scalar-multiply.cpp
 Binary to multiply a state by a scalar.
file  syten-split-real-imag.cpp
 Binary to split a state into real and imaginary part.
file  syten-switch-sites.cpp
 Reads in a state or lattice and exchanges two logical sites a and b with each other.
file  syten-taylor.cpp
 Binary to do a time evolution using a simple taylor expansion of the exponential.
file  syten-tdvp.cpp
 Binary to run TDVP.
file  syten-tebd-swappable.cpp
 TEBD implementation which can swap sites to allow for long-range interactions.
file  syten-tebd.cpp
 Binary to run TEBD.
file  syten-truncate.cpp
 Binary to truncate an operator or a state.