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file  classic_krylov.h
 Lanczos implementation with possibility of re-orthogonalisation.
file  common_krylov.h
 Common simple-to-use entry points for Krylov methods.
file  davidson.h
 Davidson eigensolver.
file  dmrg.cpp
 Implementation for dmrg.h.
file  dmrg.h
 General data structures for DMRG algorithms.
file  gradient_opt.h
 A collection of methods for gradient-based descent.
file  iterative.cpp
 Implementation for inc/alg/iterative.h.
file  iterative.h
 Configuration and exit reasons for iterative solvers.
file  krylov_evolve.h
 Time evolution of a state/operator pair over more than one time step using any of the Krylov methods.
file  orthogonalise.h
 Generic orthogonalisation functions.
file  orthogonalise_policies.h
 Orthonormalisation policies for use with StandardKrylov and TensorNetworksKrylov.
file  solver_policies.h
 Different solver policies for StandardKrylov and TensorNetworksKrylov.
file  standard_krylov.h
 "Standard" Lanczos implementation optimised for non-TN problems.
file  state_wrappers.h
 Wrappers around states and operators to work with the generic Lanczos algorithm.
file  tn_krylov.h
 Tensor-network-optimised Krylov class.