ipeps2 Directory Reference
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file  ctm.cpp
 Implementation for inc/ipeps2/ctm.h
file  ctm.h
 Corner transfer matrices for iPEPSv2.
file  directional_qrs.cpp
 Implementation for inc/ipeps2/directional_qrs.h
file  directional_qrs.h
 Definition of "directional" QR decompositions on iPEPSv2 state tensors to move the physical index onto a leg.
file  expectation_values.cpp
 Implementation for inc/ipeps2/expectation_values.h
file  expectation_values.h
 Calculation of iPEPSv2 expectation values.
file  exponentials.cpp
 Implementation for inc/ipeps2/exponentials.h
file  exponentials.h
 Exponential functions for iPEPSv2.
file  full_update.cpp
 Implementation for inc/ipeps2/full_update.h
file  full_update.h
 Full update for iPEPSv2.
file  lattice.cpp
 Implementation for inc/ipeps2/lattice.h
file  lattice.h
 Lattices for iPEPSv2 states.
file  operators.cpp
 Implementation for inc/ipeps2/operators.h
file  operators.h
 Operators on iPEPSv2 lattices.
file  random_state.cpp
 Implementation for inc/ipeps2/random_state.h
file  random_state.h
 Random state generators for iPEPSv2.
file  simple_update.cpp
 Implementation for inc/ipeps2/simple_update.h
file  simple_update.h
 Simple update mechanism for iPEPSv2.
file  staging.cpp
 Implementation for iPEPSv2 staging configurations.
file  staging.h
 Staging configuration for updates in iPEPSv2.
file  state.cpp
 Implementation for inc/ipeps2/state.h
file  state.h
 State objects for the iPEPSv2 formalism.