◆ loadOrder()

std::vector< Index > syten::loadOrder ( std::string  ordering,
Index  size = 0 

Reads a file given by ordering as a DenseTensor with reordered position v[i] as entry i.

Returns the inverted vector. If ordering is the empty string, returns a vector of size size filled with sequentially increasing numbers.

If specified and non-zero, checks if vector is of length size.

syten-mutualInformation.cpp returns a vector \( l \) describing the new position of old sites, i.e. \( l_i = j \) means that the old site \( j \) should now be at position \( i \). However, in order to build the lattice, it useful to have a vector \( r_j = i \) implying that the old site \( j \) now sits at position \( i \). This function returns the vector \( r \) when given a filename that contains the vector \( l \).

References std::vector< T >::begin(), std::string::empty(), std::vector< T >::end(), std::ifstream::good(), std::iota(), and std::to_string().

Referenced by create_ring_repulsion(), and projector().

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