◆ linkSites()

void syten::linkSites ( Index  first,
Index  second,
MPS::Lattice lat,
std::map< std::string, std::pair< std::string, std::vector< MPS::Operator > > > &  operators,
std::string  sym,
std::string  suffix,
bool const  add_bond_operators,
std::vector< Index > const &  idx 

Internal helper: Link sites on lattice.

firstfirst site
secondsecond site
latlattice in question
operatorsoperator map storing the sso-products
symsymmetry in question
suffixadditional suffix for pbc in x- and y-direction
add_bond_operatorstrue if the operator should also be added to H_even/H_odd
idxpermutation vector for sites, format new[old]

References dot(), syten::MPS::Lattice::get(), std::move(), std::vector< T >::push_back(), and syten::Tensor< rank >::push_back().

Referenced by projector().

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