◆ logGW()

template<typename... Args>
void syten::logGW ( Args &&...  data)

Logs generic warnings to the standard file streams and std::cerr.

Passing a syten::Fmt or syten::FmtNN object as first argument (constructed from a default format string) uses the fmt library, e.g. logGE(Fmt{"{:2} {:3}"}, 1, 12) gives 1 12.

References logE().

Referenced by syten::CudaDenseTensorImpl::addScaled(), correct_cgc_tensors(), syten::SVD::DenseSVD< std::complex< double > >::DenseSVD(), syten::SVD::DenseSVD< double >::DenseSVD(), syten::SVD::DenseSVD< std::complex< float > >::DenseSVD(), syten::SVD::DenseSVD< float >::DenseSVD(), do_apply_op(), syten::BTT::ParseOperator::dotqF(), syten::MPS::equiscale(), syten::DynArray< char >::free(), syten::IPEPSv2::CornerTransferMatrix::grow_helper(), syten::DynArray< char >::init(), syten::Pyten::init_log(), issue_warning(), onterminate(), syten::IPEPS::FullUpdate::operator>>(), print_backtrace(), syten::QR::qr(), read(), syten::STensorImpl::registry_printout(), serialise_configuration(), syten::SVD::svd(), validateCGCContraction(), validateCGCTensor(), and syten::AsyncCached< std::vector< syten::Tensor< 2 > > >::wait_for_worker_completion().

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