◆ create_rs_occ_operators()

void syten::create_rs_occ_operators ( MPS::Lattice lat,
std::string const &  sym,
Index const  length,
Index const  width,
bool const  bpo_quiet,
std::ostream out,
std::function< Index(int, int)>  coord,
std::function< Index(int)>  kfun,
std::vector< Index idx 

For every point of the lattice, creates a real-space occupation number operator to facilitate the calculation of real-space expectation values.

References syten::MPS::Lattice::add(), dot(), std::exp(), genRepZ(), syten::MPS::Lattice::get(), pi, progress(), std::to_string(), syten::MPS::Operator::truncate(), and syten::MPS::Lattice::vacSector.

Referenced by create_ring_repulsion().

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