◆ sort_VecIdx_single()

template<Rank rank>
std::vector<std::vector<Index> > syten::TensorBlocks::sort_VecIdx_single ( Tensor< rank > const &  input,
Index const  leg 

Sort the blocks of the supplied tensor into buckets corresponding to the specified leg.

inputtensor with blocks to sort
legleg of the tensor, blocks are sorted such that those transforming the same on that leg are in the same bucket
a vector of buckets, where each bucket is a vector of indices of the blocks of the input tensor.

References syten::Tensor< rank >::begin(), std::copy(), syten::Tensor< rank >::empty(), std::iota(), std::min_element(), std::partition_point(), std::vector< T >::reserve(), syten::Tensor< rank >::size(), and std::sort().

Referenced by syten::tensorSortBuckets().

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