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bool syten::RepRegister::reg ( Group const &  group,
RepLabel const &  label,
std::vector< DenseTensor< 2, MDef > > const &  rOp,
std::vector< DenseTensor< 2, MDef > > const &  lOp,
std::vector< DenseTensor< 2, MDef > > const &  zOp 

Registers a given representation.

groupGroup to which this irrep belongs
labellabels of this irrep
rOpvector of raising operators
lOpvector of lowering operators
zOpvector of z operators
true if the irrep was already known, false if it was added

References syten::degree(), dim(), syten::GroupMaxDegree, lOp(), std::make_tuple(), std::move(), std::vector< T >::push_back(), repRegisterData, repRegisterDataMtx, rOp(), SYTEN_ASSERT_DEBUG, and zOp().

Referenced by syten::Rep::load(), and syten::Rep::Rep().

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