◆ productDecomp()

std::vector< std::pair< Rep, SparseTensor< 3, CDef > > > syten::RepRegister::Decomp::productDecomp ( Rep const &  a,
Rep const &  b,
Ordinal const &  resultIndex = Ordinal::Third 

Decomposes the product representation and returns a list of pairs of irreps with the associated CGC spaces.

afirst rep in the product
bsecond rep in the product
resultIndexindex of the product irrep in the CGC space, i.e. if resultIndex = Ordinal::Second, the cgc space has indices corresponding to [a, result, b].
a vector of pairs containing an irrep and its CGC space

References syten::Rep::ferm, syten::Rep::group, syten::Rep::phys, and SYTEN_ASSERT_MSG.

Referenced by syten::genFuse(), syten::genIINode(), syten::genRandom(), and syten::genReps().

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