◆ right_complement()

Tensor< 3 > syten::MPS::right_complement ( Tensor< 3 >  b,
Basis const &  local,
Basis const &  right 

Constructs the right complement of a right-normalised tensor B which accesses the remaining parts of the full space to the left.

[in]bcurrent tensor to be complemented
[in]localcomplete local physical basis, incoming
[in]rightright MPS basis, incoming

References syten::DenseTensor< rank, Scalar >::dim(), syten::Basis::dir, syten::BasisMap::elementSize(), syten::genFuse(), syten::Tensor< rank >::getBasisMap(), syten::Inc, syten::MPS::State::lIdx, std::move(), syten::QR::qr(), syten::MPS::State::rIdx, SYTEN_ASSERT, SYTEN_ASSERT_MSG, SYTEN_MPS_EXPECT_ORDER, syten::transpose_exchange(), syten::MPS::State::uIdx, and syten::YesNo< T >::y().

Referenced by error_estimate_2svariance(), syten::MPS::DMRG::Worker::sweepLeft2sVar(), and syten::MPS::DMRG::Worker::sweepRight2sVar().

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