◆ genBosonLattice()

MPS::Lattice syten::MPS::Lat::Nil::genBosonLattice ( Index  length,
SRDef  n 

Boson lattice with no symmetries.

lengthlength of the chain
nmaximal particle number per site ( \( d = n + 1 \))
Implemented Single-Site Operators
bd particle creation operator, b particle destruction operator, n particle number operator

References syten::MPS::Lattice::add(), syten::Tensor< rank >::add(), syten::MPS::genMPOId(), syten::genRepNil(), syten::Inc, syten::makeZero(), syten::Tensor< rank >::push_back(), syten::sqrt(), syten::to_string_rd(), and syten::MPS::Lattice::vac.

Referenced by syten::Pyten::init_mp_latgen().

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