◆ genSpinLattice()

Lattice syten::IPEPS::Lat::Nil::genSpinLattice ( int const  width,
int const  depth,
double const  spint = 0.5,
std::vector< char >  site_classes = {} 

Generates a uniform Heisenberg spin lattice without any symmetry.

widthunit cell width
depthunit cell depth
spinttotal spin on each site
site_classesclass of each site (tensor to be placed there), empty for different tensors on all sites

References syten::Tensor< rank >::add(), syten::IPEPS::OneOp::dirs, syten::genRepNil(), syten::Inc, std::iota(), syten::makeZero(), syten::Tensor< rank >::push_back(), std::round(), std::vector< T >::size(), syten::sqrt(), SYTEN_ASSERT_MSG, and syten::to_string_def().

Referenced by genSpinKagomeSquare(), and syten::Pyten::init_ipeps_latgen().

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