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template<Rank r, typename Scalar >
Scalar syten::CudaDenseTensorImpl::prodD ( CudaDenseTensor< r, Scalar > const &  a,
DenseTensor< r, Scalar > const &  b,
std::array< int, r > const &  c_a,
std::array< int, r > const &  c_b,
bool  conjugate = false 

Reordering scalar product of a CUDA dense tensor and a standard dense tensor.

If either tensor is larger than SYTEN_CUDA_THRESHOLD, the calculation is done on the GPU, otherwise, the calculation is done on the host.

References syten::EnvVars::cuda_size_to_gpu, and syten::CudaDenseTensorImpl::CudaDenseTensor< rank, Scalar >::size().

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