The following people have contributed code which has been merged into the master branch:

Furthermore, many bug reports, comments and discussions with numerous people throughout the development of the toolkit have been extremely helpful.

When using SyTen to produce data in a paper, an acknowledgement of the form _“(Some of the) data presented here was produced using the SyTen toolkit, originally created by Claudius Hubig.”_ is appreciated, if reasonable together with a citation to both the SyTen project and the 2017 PhD thesis:

title = {The \textsc{SyTen} Toolkit},
author = {Claudius Hubig and Felix Lachenmaier and Nils-Oliver Linden and Teresa Reinhard and Leo Stenzel and Andreas Swoboda and Martin Grundner and Sam Mardazad -- add other contributors here --},
url = {}
author = {Claudius Hubig},
title = {Symmetry-Protected Tensor Networks},
school = {LMU München},
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If you relied extensively on the current maintainer or code developers of the toolkit for scientific input, it may be a good idea to also include them in your list of authors.

If possible, please add your work (thesis/paper/preprint) to the list of works using the toolkit here.