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syten::Rep::Rep ( std::vector< DenseTensor< 2, MDef > >  rOp_,
std::vector< DenseTensor< 2, MDef > >  lOp_,
std::vector< DenseTensor< 2, MDef > >  zOp_,
RepLabel  label_,
Group  group_,
char  phys_,
Fermionic  ferm_ = Fermionic::Never 

Standard constructor for a new irrep if that irrep is not yet contained in the registry.

rOp_vector of raising operators
lOp_vector of lowering operators
zOp_vector of z-Operators
label_vector of labels
group_underlying mathematical group
phys_physical description
ferm_fermionic rule for the IREP

References syten::degree(), group, syten::RepRegister::reg(), and SYTEN_ASSERT_DEBUG.

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